Uwimana Olabisi has had a truly, in my opinion, incredible life! She learned to love travel as the member of a military family who travel by car across America to her father’s different posts. This was a very difficult undertaking for a black family in 50s and 60s America. I believe these early experiences in her life have given her this unflappable, super woman aura dispite her small size. I love her for it!

Uwimana talks about her travel experiences and how she became a host welcoming international travelers in the International Terminal for Delta Airlines at The Harstfeld-Jackson International Airport. If you’ve viewed her videos there were many funny and educational moments she revealed.  Thus began her many, many trips to Africa, Thailand, and other exotic locals and became a fixture in some African communities in Ghana, and by default, and ambassador for change and growth.

Well, I wont reveal everything here, you need to here her exciting conclusion to her exciting trilogy yourself!!

Uwimana and I have much in common on many fronts, but, on one thing Uwimana and I overwhelmingly agree – travel is the best education anyone can have!!

Clockwise from top left:

1. Uwimana at the Tagbo Falls, Ghana’s upper Volta region

2. The Jimi Hendrix Cafe (Thailand) Uwimana thought Herschel might like this!

3. Posing with the staff at the Hilliburi Resort in Ghana

4. Inside a temple in Thailand

Clockwise from top left:

1. Lifting a very heavy snake in Bali (UGH!!)

2.Kente Weaver/Traditional Kente cloth/Ghana

3. Hilliburi Resort in the Hilliburi Mountains in Ghana

4. Thai cooking class in Bangkok

Clockwise from top left:

1. Donating to a children’s orphanage in Accra

2. In the Valley of the Kings in Egypt

3. One of Uwimana’s travelers in the Kente cloth market in Ghana

4. Uwimana cooling off the Egyptian sun