The Performing Arts

Where would we all be were it not for the performing arts? A world without the performing arts would be dry, stale, soulless world devoid of any spiritual beauty. The performance arts, whether it be stage, film, concert halls, or the local pub, have the ability to transform, inform, and reform. Often a refelction of society at large, history can almost always be better understood when you look at the art that was created, giving it context and comprehension.

Performance artists are a special breed who often make huge sacrifice for the love of their art but are just as often undervalued and overlooked. Still, we carry on for the love of it. Without this express, we would also be left feeling soulless and unfulfilled.

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The Internationals – Round 2

Continuing with part two of his trilogy, Alan talks about how tragedy propelled his choreography career and how, in the middle of a burgeoning career, another more devastating personal tragedy altered his trajectory forever – but it did not STOP him. This fact is one of the most beautiful things I admire about Alan...

Erika discloses that she finally achieved all of her goals, was very successful, very busy … living her life in the fast lane. However, she realized very quickly that she was in over her head because she had no idea who she was: she had no center. Erika steadily spiraled into self destructive behavior that almost sabotaged her career and her life!

C-J@y reveals that even that he began his career singer cover tunes, songs from other artists, from the age of level he began writing his own lyrics, but in French. He found it very difficult to write English lyrics. In part two of his quest, C-J@y talks about how he finally found David Allen Kirchner, a very talented American songwriter, and how their collaboration has blossomed…

Andrew never really thought about music as a viable music career until he did a stint as a social worker – it did not end well. This disastrous experience pushed him firmly into music! In his second chapter, Andrew talks about how he gained lots of valuable experience going from gig to gig acquiring adeptness with various musical styles which deepened his love for his art…

The Internationals!!

Alan begins his journey describing how he ended up in NYC at Phil Black’s Dance Studio and began learning how to really DANCE!! Little did he know the importance of where he’d landed and how significant this time would be in shaping and developing his career.

A native of Parma, Italy, equidistant between Milan to the north and Florence to the south, Erika describes how she couldn’t sit still or be still from the time she was a child. LOL! This excess energy was successfully channeled into ballet lessons, gymnastics, soccer, and MORE!!!

Belgian C-J@y from near Brussels, learned to love to sing by listening to his father and singing along with pop tunes on the radio. He actually began learning the guitar with the songs of John Denver and Kenny Loggins!!

Andrew, originally from the north of England, now a native of Atlanta, GA, began playing the piano at age seven. And his parents didn’t have to force him to practice. He really enjoyed the challenge of learning a difficult instrument!

Chris’ Story – Part 3

In conclusion, Chris talks about coming out, finally, in the age of AIDS! All of his friends and love interests were dying and he sunk into depression. Undaunted, however, ne received his Masters from IU, moved to Louisville, KY and began his career in earnest.

One of Chris” compositions, Anatrope for Piano (Rondo Variations).

Grottos by Christopher T. White

Chris’ Story – Part 2

Chris talks about his transition from high school to college and how it was necessary to go a college far away from home because he was guarding his “BIG SECRET!” He was accepted into the IU School of Music, a very prestigious and very reputable music conservatory. Being exposed to an international pool of exceptionally talented musicians and guarding his secret caused Chris to ‘curb his enthusiasm’ emotionally and develop a more intellectual approach to developing his career as a pianist/composer.