Alan begins his journey describing how he ended up in NYC at Phil Black’s Dance Studio and began learning how to really DANCE!! Little did he know the importance of where he’d landed and how significant this time would be in shaping and developing his career.

A native of Parma, Italy, equidistant between Milan to the north and Florence to the south, Erika describes how she couldn’t sit still or be still from the time she was a child. LOL! This excess energy was successfully channeled into ballet lessons, gymnastics, soccer, and MORE!!!

Belgian C-J@y from near Brussels, learned to love to sing by listening to his father and singing along with pop tunes on the radio. He actually began learning the guitar with the songs of John Denver and Kenny Loggins!!

Andrew, originally from the north of England, now a native of Atlanta, GA, began playing the piano at age seven. And his parents didn’t have to force him to practice. He really enjoyed the challenge of learning a difficult instrument!