Alan shares many of his video clips from his choreographic creations and dance classes through the years of his dance career.

Erika is a fabulous pole dancer!! She discusses how pole dancing has developed into an art form and a competitive sport. It has empowered her physically and spiritually. Listen to how this new creativity has enhanced her life.

C-J@y reveals his battle with a very unexpected stroke he had at a very young age. It was precipitated by heavy drug use and a valley of frustration into which he descended after struggling with his artistic career. I found it very brave of him to discuss this so candidly and freely. I believe his struggle is emblematic for a lot of us who experience the turbulence often associated with an artistic career.

In his conclusion, Andrew talks about the most fantastic musical experience he has had, to date, in his long and winding career as a jazz pianist/composer.

This is C-J@y’s handsome new promo shot for his upcoming release due out at the end of the year. Follow his YouTube link to listen to some of his  recordings and view his videos  I especially like his newest, his rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, a beautiful classic song passionately by C-J@y.

Presenting the exciting logo for Erika’s pole dancing club called, New Dance Club. The logo is really HOT!! and gives a clear picture of what to expect from her group of nubile dancers.

Watch Erika as she describes and displays the passion she feels for her art!!