What I love about Susan’s paintings is that they are SOOOO irreverent! LOL! Susan has taken a raucous, bodacious childhood and memories of the playground down the street and has turned them into her bodacious style of painting. The colors, the characters, the dynamic flair of each canvas is, for me, uniquely captivating. The pièce de resistance are the unconventional fairy tales(?), stories that she composes for each new work. THey are so hilarious!!

In her closing, Susan gives us a tour of the artwork in her grown up ‘playground’, her beautiful home, and talks about what lies ahead for her creatively. 

Let’s take a look at some of what I love about Susan’s work…

Clockwise from top left:

1. ‘Alice in Wanderlust’

2. ‘List in Translation’

3. The Jeffersonian Women’

4. ‘Memory Tree’

Clockwise from top left:

1. ‘Nosing Around the Tropics’

2. ‘The Road to The Colorful Raconteur’

3. ‘Eloping to Pigeon Forge’

4. Come Hither’


In the next paragraph is an example of some of the hilarious and bizarre stories that accompany each finished piece:

Bertha Bupkiss decided to get her highly esteemed friends together. She wanted to discuss such items as: the life cycle of the toad; the differences between orgasms and organisms; and, did Benjamin Franklin really tell his wife to go fly a kite? She will serve coronets and trumpets with Boone’s Farm Strawberry Wine. Afterwards, they shall skinnydip in her above ground pool. Tsk. Tsk.

Hilarious!! But you know…when I get past the blazing tropical colors and the unique figures posing and dancing across the canvas and read between the lines of the stories, I’ve come to realize Susan is a brilliant satirist poking fun at convention. I knew she was more than just a pretty face!!