I believe that after a man reaches a certain age, a man who knows who he is and is comfortable in his skin, should cease trying to look and act like he’s 25. A mature man stops following the fickle whims and capriciousness of fashion and, instead, learns to develop his own style. Just because skinny jeans are au courant doesn’t mean you have to wear them! NOOOO!!!

There are so many choices a man can make in creating his signature ‘look’ that are modern, stylish, and age appropriate. a 50 year old man wearing skinny jeans and logo sweatshirts just isn’t it, my friend. Wearing such a get up actually ages you and could make people think you don’t have any friends. What? Why would anyone think that? Because, if you had  friends they wouldn’t let you leave the house looking like that!! LOL!! That’s a bon mot I learned from my good friend,  Johnnie Lweter, fashion designer/stylist. 

Being older doesn’t mean looking, or acting, dowdy. You’ve experienced life and gained lots of wisdom and success over your years. Dress and let them know you’ve arrived…with style!

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Johnnie’s Story – Part 2

Johnnie lands in NYC to start his journey at F. I. T. , New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology, only to be confronted with high drama and racism. That was just the beginning. Having grown up in Florida, a southern state, during the Civil Rights Era, Johnnie says he didn’t know how black he was until he moved to The Big Apple.

Johnnie Lewter’s Story – Part 1

In Part 1 of his story, Johnnie talks about how amazed he was at his mother’s selftaught ability to take different pieces of fabric and turn them into beautiful clothing for neighborhood clients. He would sit for hours watching her and listening to the steady whir of her singer sewing maching. For him it was pure magic!!