I believe that after a man reaches a certain age, a man who knows who he is and is comfortable in his skin, should cease trying to look and act like he’s 25. A mature man stops following the fickle whims and capriciousness of fashion and, instead, learns to develop his own style. Just because skinny jeans are au courant doesn’t mean you have to wear them! NOOOO!!!

There are so many choices a man can make in creating his signature ‘look’ that are modern, stylish, and age appropriate. a 50 year old man wearing skinny jeans and logo sweatshirts just isn’t it, my friend. Wearing such a get up actually ages you and could make people think you don’t have any friends. What? Why would anyone think that? Because, if you had  friends they wouldn’t let you leave the house looking like that!! LOL!! That’s a bon mot I learned from my good friend,  Johnnie Lweter, fashion designer/stylist. 

Being older doesn’t mean looking, or acting, dowdy. You’ve experienced life and gained lots of wisdom and success over your years. Dress and let them know you’ve arrived…with style!

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Senta’s Story – Part 3

Senta continues talking about her continuing metamorphosis and how her children really loved the changes they saw in her. She was much happier and was growing into her new role. Senta discusses how the women in her area did not care so much about their looks or style or their femininity. But after observing the changes in Senta, they came to her for makeovers, which led to her starting an image consulting business.

Charming Senta’s signature style – emphasis on the feminity…beautiful.

These are pics, from Senta’s collection, showing my class at Vitalis in Nagold, Germany back in fall-winter 91, 92 We were practicing or performing a showcase for the Vitalis gym members. From left you have Senta in her funky outfit, me in dance/aerobic garb, and a group shot. We had so much fun and I really enjoyed teaching there. I learned a lot about myself and, unknowingly, found a life long friend in Senta…

Senta’s Story – Part 2

After her initial love affair with dance, and a little pushback from her husband, Senta became a typical German hausfrau. Not because of her husband’s insecurities, it was just life. He established his own business, she had two children, she took on a role in her husband’s business…and then she began to become disgruntled…her present life was not fulfilling …

Senta’s Story – Part 1

This interview marks a very happy reunion between Senta and Isaac after 30 years apart, although they met and kept in touch via Facebook and Instagram. Senta reveals how Isaac’s debut as a dance/aerobic instruction at Studio Vitalis in Nagold, Germany was an important catalyst for change in her life that put her on an unexpected life journey…

Johnnie’s Story – Part 3

After many years of drama, trauma, and bouts of success, Johnnie found his niche – and it wasn’t on Seventh Avenue. He has created a legacy designing one of a kind styles for celebrities, actors, actresses, recording artists that have graced the magazine covers of Ebony and Essence as well as ads for Avon and CD covers for Luther Vandross. At present he is creating custom denim pieces, one of each design, first come first serve. Ya better hurry!!

These are some pics of some of Johnnie’s work. Starting from top left clockwise:

1.Big Freedia 5th season promotion sponsored by Beyonce

2 & 3. Champion ice skater Adam Rippon for the Washington Post magazine

4. Nis Long for Ebony magazine 50th anniversary foldout cover.

From top left clockwise:

1. Jill Scott for Essence

2 &3. Luther Vandross “I Know” CD front and inside cover.

4. Avon pamphlet cover

1. Avon pamphlet cover

2. Gemma Ward for Kose cosmetics