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Color Wheel 4 – International Divas!!

It’s really to learn that being an artist is pretty much difficult on both sides of the pond. The challenges of perfecting your art, finding steady gigs, managing rejection, the pitfalls, for some of us, of drug abuse, and just tryin not to give up in despair! Some of us are lucky,.most, unfortunately, are not. This is a group of talented, intelligent, and ambitious artists from Parma, Brussels, Atlanta, and NYC. They have lots to say…

Color Wheel 3 – The Intellectuals!!

This is an interesting group for me. I really enjoyed the all male, mature, and very intellectual conversation. They are all very creative in their various fields but approach their creativity from an intellectual stance. Christopher, a pianist/composer, Jonas, an IT specialist for the Swiss government, and Walter, a communications/software specialist for Swisscom, the Swiss version of Verizon, are all extremely intelligent, successful, passionate about what they do and love the creativity inspired by their various crafts.