Language Arts

For those of you out there who are interested in improving your English language skills for school or business, or taking a beginning German or French lesson to prepare you for that trip across the pond, I’m your man!!

My rates are competitive and I have lots of experience teaching here in the US and in Brazil, Turkey, and Germany. I teach online with Zoom or Skype. Partner and group rates are available, as well. Send me an email at

Because of the challenges I had to overcome learning German and French, I can relate to a student’s fear of sounding stupid. Believe you me, I could tell you many stories of the hysterical mistakes I’ve made learning these languages. I also try to make the classes as interesting, relatable, and as fun as possible. Conjugating verbs can be mind numbing tedium.

I am especially good with academic and career oriented students who take English lessons to help them get into an international MBA program or land a job in a multinational company like Apple or Adidas. Proficiency in English, the de rigueur international language, must be achieved at a high level  to even have a chance of success in these two very demanding and competitive arenas. I have helped many students achieve their goals and I am proud of my record.

Becoming an ESL instructor, I believe, was a natural outgrowth of my curiosity of everything foreign, passion for endless conversation, and the willingness to sample any food offered to me in the course of discovery. One thing about learning a language you must not forget, you have to be fearless!! Making mistakes is part of the process, part of the fun. Just go for it!!

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Julie’s Story – Part 3

Julie and I discussed the challenges of learning foreign languages. Julie speaks English, obviously, and has also learned Portuguese, Spanish, but feels challenged by French. We also discussed the challenges of being a teacher and how teachers are respected, or not, and how they are not paid well varying from culture to culture. Julie loves Portuguese and especially Bossa Nova !

Dining out in Joinville with friends and family in 2014. From left, Julie and her lovely family, a group pic (that’s me bottom right in orange shirt sitting next to Julie), and another group pic (me top left next to Julie and her hubby).

Barbara’s Story – Part 3

Barbara finally gets the courage to push the button to publish her book of poetry. She discusses the process and how it added excitement to her life! Designing the front and back covers and selecting the photos for both. Barbara talks about how she felt when the finished books arrived and how her friends and colleagues responded to her personal challenges immortalized in her poetry. Her book of poems, “From 0 to 60”, is quite poignant. After the surprise success of her book launch, the exhilaration she feels of following her heart, she’s ready to write a book of poems called “From 60 to 100!!”

A sexy glamour shot from Barbara’s siren days…oo la la!!!

Barbara’s book launch landed her a front page spread in a local Tampa newspaper…”From 0 to 60″ made quite a splash…

Julie’s Story – Part 2

Julie Talks about how she dealt with learning languages of the host countries where she worked. She always made an effort to study an perfect her language skills. She’s still improving her Portuguese and Spanish.

Barbara’s Story – Part 2

Here, Barbara talks about her religious upbringing and her relationship to God. Her father was Rev. A. L. Lewter, a pastor, which was sometimes difficult for her. She went through a period where she had doubts about her faith.