You could have knocked me over with a feather! In the middle of our very first Color Wheel discussion with Susan and Uwimana, Herschel revealed that he was an artist and created canvases. Not only he, but it was a family commitment which they did together. So…not only is Herschel a musician and music producer – he’s an accomplished artist as well! Imagine that!! Herschel turned a singalong escape that he and his young siblings participated in to escape physical and emotional trauma into a family ritual of love and devotion.

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!

Of course I demanded (lol) that he share his work here with us at The Colorful Raconteur. Happily they obliged.

In this first grouping from top left, clockwise, we have from Herschel:

1. ‘Winter’s Edge’, acrylic on canvas

2. ‘Park in the Woods’. watercolor on canvas board

3. ‘Indiana Lake Shore’, watercolor on canvas

4. ‘A Memory From the Past’, oil on canvas

In this second grouping, clockwise from top left we have:

1. Siren Head’, watercolor on canvas board, Tony Daniels

2. ‘The Kraken’, watercolor on canvas board, Tony Daniels

3. ‘Sunset on the Arctic’, oil on canvas, Amanda Kiaurakis

4. ‘Mountain Oasis’, oil on canvas, Amanda Kiaurakis

One can see the family resemblance on each canvas: the love of nature and the mystical. The color palette is soft, spiritual, punctuated with muted jewel tones.

I find it extremely interesting that Toiny chose creatures from ancient mythology. The Ancients created gods from the mysteries of nature that they didn’t understand and often feared. They believed if they showed these gods their respect worshipped them, built temples for them, their gods, in turn, would protect them from their wrath.

It seems as if Herschel has found a beautiful and loving way to protect and nurture his young family. Kudos.

Thank you for allowing us to look into the soul of your family Herschel…it’s a beautiful soul.