This is Herschel’s final entry into his trilogy. It has been compelling and informative. Herschel  overcame early childhood family abuse and separation from his siblings. His love affair began when he and his siblings turned to singing to ease some of their collective pain. His path was introduced to him , when still very young, listening to a guitar player on a train ride. He knew then and there what he wanted in his life – more music!

Of course, as with most artists, the challenges to forging this difficult path were many. Herschel stayed tru to his heart, believed in himself, all the while battling memories of his traumatic past. He used these memories to motivate himself and turned them into beautiful music.

Today, Herschel is a music producer with his own label, Eternal Wolf Music. He’s just been contracted to produce new material for singer-songwriter Destiny Capri, soon to be featured here at The Colorful Raconteur. You’ll be able to hear some of his compositions in today’s conclusion.

Herschel is also a happily married family man with a son.

Herschel, I’d say your story has a lot of new chapters to tell. I feel like I’ve gained a new friend through the sharing of your story. There was a lot I could identify with and am very happy to see you thrive!