In last week’s story, Destiny candidly talked about a romantic detour she took from her music development. It was her first time at the rodeo and she wasn’t prepared for what turned into a toxic, emotionally abusive relationship. In Part 2, Destiny tells us how she coped with the devastating pain and disillusionment she felt after she called it quits.

Quote from Destiny Capri:

I am so grateful to God to have the gifts that I do and to be able to share them with others. My dubyt single, ‘Repeat’, was released Jule 2nd of this year. Though nervous, I am excited to start this new journey with my music and see where God takes me. You can find me on all social media platforms + music streaming platforms at Destiny Capri! Thankful to anyone who has been streaming so far, please stay tuned. THere’s more music on the way!!