Hey! It’s the Fourth of July weekend (WHHAAAATT? Already!) Yes…already. I know…I just can’t seem to keep up either. LOL! I don’t know about you but ice cream has always been part of my 4th  of July weekends and summer weekends in general, since as far back as I can remember. My family invested in a state-of-the-art ice cream maker and it was on!! We had all kinds of fruit trees in our large yard: pear, plum, fig, peach. When we went to visit our grandparents we’d go off into the woods or search along the side of the road for fresh raspberries and blueberries. We’d then buy big bags of rock salt add the cream, sugar, and the fresh fruit and – voila – fresh homemade ice cream. The best part of making the ice cream was the churning! I loved cranking the churn for minutes on end. the anticipation was awesome!!

I’m still a big time fan of ice cream and I’ll never give it up. I love, love, love ice cream. When Ben & Jerry came on the market, I immediately gravitated to it because the names and ingredients reminded me of those churning days of summer. Not to mention it tastes exquisitely good!!

Imagine my surprise to learn that Ben and Jerry are big time political activists who donates lots of their money, time, and energy to their beliefs. They are very interested in police reform and the reformation of our justice system, especially where these issues marginalize and unfairly treat people of color. They were one of the first corporations to endorse and support gay marriage, they  lobbied heavily in support to end police qualified immunity,  and have openly stated that they want in real ways to dismantle white supremacy in the USA. So, stock up on Ben and Jerry’s ice cream this weekend and every weekend. Show them some love and support. At least you know you’re getting great ice cream and a great return on your money.