The first time I walked into Uwimana’s home outside Atlanta, I was in total awe. Uwimana always quotes my reaction: “This is the most Afrocentric home I’ve ever been in…!” I laugh when she reminds me of the total surprise I felt. I always knew that Uwimana had a deep respect for and great knowledge of the African aesthetic. One could easily dsicern this from her fashion aesthetic and her travel history.  Her home is a total fusion of her personal style to her  intimate surroundings. Absolute synergy – down to the incense wafting through the air….

I loved it!!

I couldn’t really pay attention to our conversation because my eyes were everywhere taking it all in! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to really take it all in because we were on our way to and art gallery showing and concert.

Her home has a large open floor plan separated by furniture groupings. In the first picture top center, Is a library/living area with large comfortable cushions with pillows, lots of greenery, books, and a large sunlit window.

The two bottom photos are tableaux with interesting African art, rugs, and a large, intricately carved chair. Dark beauty from the dark continent….

You don’t feel like you’re in Atlanta anymore!!

In this grouping of pictures you can see that the ceilings are very high which add to the drama of the space. Every surface is decorated with art that was collected from her travels around the world. The rafter, which spans the length of the room, is decorated with statuettes and decorative pieces.

Bottom left, the dining table is set with beautiful African tablecloths, ceramic and woven straw dinnerware, and a little serving table. Just out of the picture left and right are two European style oval back upholstered chairs: her only nod to the western aesthetic. However, it’s just a nod – they are upholstered in Mudd cloth from Mali West Africa. I love it!!

Bottom right is a garden, also strewn with art, that I’m sure Uwimana uses to meditate and reminisce about beautiful exotic sunsets.

The color palette throughout the house and garden is a mixture of warm earth tones that suggest serenity and a sense of being grounded. Anyone who knows Uwimana Olabisi knows that these two qualities are central to who she is. Nothing frivolous here!!

Thank you, Uwimana, for sharing your home with us here. It is truly a beautiful reflection of you.