storytelling in the many colors of  LIFE 


rac·on·teur/ˌräˌkänˈtər/noun a person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way —

“a colorful raconteur“

The Colorful Raconteur is dedicated to elevating the human experience with the goal of nurturing compassion, empathy, and understanding through the art of storytelling.

I have traveled around the world and lived on three continents in my lifetime so far. In the process I’ve come to speak three languages, English (mother tongue), German, and French, with varying degrees of fluency. I love to talk. I love stimulating conversation. The more I listen to and share stories with the many, many people I’ve encountered and befriended along my journey it is quite clear to me that we, as citizens of the world, have so much more in common that should fill us with empathy, compassion, understanding, and recognition, qualities that should bring us TOGETHER    and NOT separate us! 

The challenge is to stop just long enough to open our hearts, open our minds and EARS, and LISTEN without judgment!!

I, personally, have learned so much and gained grand new perspectives about myself, my country, and other cultures through personal experience by being fearless, adventurous, and not concerned about falling on my face. My life has been enriched exponentially.

I have created this sparkling new website, The Colorful Raconteur,  along with the help and inspiration of my creative family, where creative people, and I don’t mean just performance or creative artists, but people who live their lives creatively from around the Blue Planet can come and share their stories and grow: grow spiritually, artistically, creatively, and intellectually.

You see, I am The Colorful Raconteur, bon vivant, lover of life, purveyor of storytelling in the key of LIFE!! Well, you may ask..who anointed me!? How did I reach this exalted state…? LOL!! Don’t be so serious!!! It was a process, my friends, a lifelong process that began at birth. Read on … click here

There are two very different and interesting reasons for the Fool’s Hat. It simultaneously represents the existence of the spiritual world and the altogether different secular world: one ruled by the laws of the universe, the other by the laws of man. In order to live a successful, fulfilling life, it is my belief that we must find a balance between the two and understand the differences in the laws that govern both realms.

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